Our company

About Us

Our company grew from a desire to provide entrepreneurs, startups, and emerging growth companies with the advantages of a full finance team in an outsourced model.

We’re your finance team in a box that thinks well beyond the box.

After all, there’s logic in paying for resources only when you need them.

Companies may come and go, but there’s one constant about those that last— they have a solid financial infrastructure. The leaders know the numbers behind their business, understand what drives them, and grasp how the company’s finances affect their future and potential to achieve their mission.

If you’re an entrepreneur or a venture capital-backed firm looking to position your business for growth financially, we may be the perfect fit for each other.

The Cincytech Ventures team brings insight and expertise to you at a fraction of the costs associated with comparable internal hires.

Cincytech Ventures Partners provides strategic financial, accounting, and operational expertise to companies recognizing that an outsourced CFO and finance team can accelerate their success.

With Cincytech Ventures, you receive the breadth and depth of financial knowledge you need to make intelligent decisions for your company. Whether your goal is to secure the next round of funding, sell your company, or generate profits, you can trust us to fulfill your finance and accounting needs while you concentrate on what you do best- running your business.

CFO/Managing Director

This leader provides top-tier finance, accounting, business and operational strategy and guidance—whether you need an interim, part-time or project CFO.

VP of Finance/Controller/Director

This expert oversees all accounting functions and ensures the highest quality and compliance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

Senior Accountant/Senior Associate

This seasoned individual is responsible for high-level, day-to-day and monthly accounting functions.

Staff Accountant/Associate

This professional handles standard day-to-day and monthly accounting functions.


This professional assists the staff accountant/associate with your AP/AR/payroll daily functions.